A Camping Checklist

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So you’ve heard all the excitement about camping outdoors. Yet, you’re still unconvinced that it’s the best way to spend your vacation days.

Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

With well over 30 years camping experience, I’m in a good position to extol the virtues of outdoor camping. After reading this website, I hope that you too will be excited at the prospect of outdoor camping.

Whether you’re considering a family camping trip,  debating sending your kids to summer camp or deliberating over purchasing a recreational vehicle (RV), this website offers answers.

Here at Camping Checklist, we aim to ensure you have all the right equipment and products to make your outdoor camping trip as smooth as possible.

We’ll also provide plenty of ideas for how to pass the time, to make your vacation a memorable one.

Why go Outdoor Camping?

Ah, the great outdoors. Fresh air, birds chirping, blue skies and the gentle swaying of the lake in the wind. Nature has a powerful effect on the soul, rejuvenating even the most wound-up of us.

Camping is romantic; idealistic. It takes us back to our primeval ways. We escape the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

Curling up in front of a crackling bonfire, under a blanket of shining stars, roasting hot dogs, for me, there is no greater thrill in life.

Camping is challenging; it requires team work. It brings us closer to our families. Paddling in sync in a rustic canoe, towards a secluded island, unifies you and your loved ones.

Sipping an ice cold beer, with a fishing rod in the other hand, as the sun sets. The orange glow on the surface of the water makes you appreciate being alive.

Letting your kids run free and play with other children, in a game of hide-and-seek, while you acquaint yourself to their parents over a glass of wine.

The forest is your playground. With so much spare space, the draw of exercise is too much to resist. Getting your heart rate racing with a morning dip or afternoon hike will keep you healthy – physically and mentally.

Stay Fit While Having Fun!

Let’s face it, most of us spend our lives sitting on a chair, in front of a computer. It’s becoming harder and harder to get the amount of physical exercise we need for healthy bodies and minds.

When you’re out of the wilderness, freed of your office chair and the distractions of your computer, exercising is one of the best ways to kill time.

And your options for exercising are plentiful. You could go for a jog alongside the nearest dirt road or hike your way to the nearest grocery store. For those who have an affinity for water, pick up a paddle or get your front crawl on.

Even for those less ambitious, you can be sure that you’ll be burning more calories gathering firewood than you would be plopped out on the couch, stuffing your face with potato chips.

Bond with Your Loved Ones

When you’re camping, family bonding happens organically. Everyone must work together to get things done.

Whether it’s setting up the tent, preparing a meal or getting the bonfire lit, all hands on deck are needed.

Inevitably, something silly or disastrous will happen. Maybe your brother will light his sleeve on fire, or perhaps your dad will get pulled into the lake when fishing by an overaggressive trout. These comedic moments make for great stories for years to come.

Without the distractions of smart phones, televisions and computers, you’ll be forced to actually speak to your family. You’ll be shocked at what you learn. Perhaps your daughter has a boyfriend she failed to mention. Maybe your son has made captain of the basketball team.

Camping forces your family to work together towards common goals and it helps open up the lines of communication.

Explore all that Nature has to Offer

Whether you set-up tent or park-up your RV, camping involves being surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Songbirds, chipmunks and deer are all great fun to spy on. And so are bears, coyotes and opossums, if you’re brave enough to camp out in their neck of the woods.

Why not buy a pair of binoculars before your trip, so you can get up close and personal with the wildlife without disturbing them?

Regardless of whether you spot a racoon or a moose, escaping the wild animals in your office will be a welcome change.

Escape from Everyday Life

There is something so primally satisfying about disposing of our dependence on infrastructure that it turns the most mundane chore into an adventure. Tasks as tedious as making toast suddenly become fascinating, simply because it’s so hard!

Camping offers you a complete change of pace. It allows you to get away from the normal hustle bustle of life; noisy traffic, smoggy skies, buzzing smart phones and a mountain of e-mails.

Instead, you have an endless choice of options for how to relax. You could just sit and listen to the birds chirping, or stare up at the night sky, in search of Orion’s belt. You could get up early to watch the sun rise and take in its warm glow, or just admire a beautiful violet you stumbled upon.

For some people, camping is a time for reflection. Being so far from civilization allows people to evaluate their life and make sense of things. You might just be surprised how easily you can make sense of the world when you take a step back.

Build Lifelong Friendships

Most campers are pretty gregarious. Whether that’s their natural state, or whether it’s because camping has chilled them out, is a matter of debate. Camping has a unique ability to get people talking. All it takes is one leisurely stroll around the camp ground and you’ll find yourself with an army of friends in no time.

Speaking from my own experience, my wife and I met our best friends Lisa and Dave in the summer of ’04. We bonded over boxed wine and the rebelliousness of our teenage children! To this day, we organise a camping trip together every year.,

Why Send Your Kids to Summer Camp?

If I’m being cynical, I would imagine your initial response to the title above is “So I can get rid of the little troublemakers and have some peace and quiet for a few weeks!”.

However, sending your kids off to summer camp needn’t be an entirely self-serving decision. Your children will be enriched by the experience, and invariably it will push them out of their comfort zone, forcing them to become more independent, learn new skills and stay active.

Yet, camp counsellors are vetted with the highest possible care. These individuals are consistently positive role models. They are taught to lead by example, and encourage children to act in a way that is morally and ethically correct.

Better still, because they are viewed as “cool older friends” rather than “bossy teachers”, they’re able to use this privileged position to show that “doing the right thing” can be cool. 

Give Your Kids Room to Grow

Camp is an ideal place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves. No longer will there be a parent or teacher breathing down their neck, guiding their every move.

They can manage their daily choices and if they’re struggling, they have the safety net of insightful counsellors to fall back on.

Honestly, children welcome the new freedom with open arms. From choosing which activities to take on, how to budget their tuck money and who to befriend, this is independence like they’ve never experienced.

Summer Camp helps shape your kids personalities and make them strong and independent.  They will help kids become leaders and be the best they can be.

There are No Limits to What You Can Do with an RV

Purchasing an RV is a sure fire to enhance the camping experience for you and your loved ones. The convenience and comfort that RVs offer their owners add a taste of luxury to a rustic camping trip.

There are many RV styles that are available on the market. It’s important to do your research before making an RV purchase in order to guarantee the right choice for you, your family and your unique needs. Step out of the traditional methods of camping and jump into the future of camping with an RV.

Don’t settle for just one camp site – explore many with the RV’s traveling capabilities. An RV will give you and your family the opportunity to travel, without the constraints that traditional camping methods have. Bond over a long trip across the country or a family night in your own driveway. The possibilities are endless with this versatile vehicle.