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Many families spend their vacations by going on a camping trip. They may also go on a short trip during the weekends or even allow their children to attend Day Camps (Toronto). This depends solely on their wish and the way they can manage their holidays. Whatever time one may go for the camping trip, there are a few things that have to be planned beforehand. Making this checklist is very important for a person. A leak in the tent is some vital mistakes that many people often make.

Making Your Checklist

One of the vital things that people must do is to have a camping checklist done. This will include various aspects like the location, weather condition of the camping site, number of people going on the trip, their ages, food, water, medicines and shelter. These aspects have to be checked before one embarks on the journey. Since the camps will be situated in far off places it is better to go equipped with these things so that you do not fall in trouble during camping.


Carrying the food with you is very vital for camping purposes. Shelf foods have to be kept in good stock so that you can consume them if you are lost on the way and have to wait for the rescue party to reach you. This is the reason why extra food must be packed during camping.



One of the most important things that must be checked by people going out for camping is medicines. Many people feel that merely carrying food and water will do the job. However they are wrong. Simply because, it has been found that many people fall sick during the camping trip and they need medicines. This is especially true for patients with asthma, diabetes and other similar diseases. One must carry the medicine with them so that they can use them if the need arises during the trip. Forgetting the medicine can be dangerous if the camping site is in a remote place. Many people die every year due to this negligence of taking their medicines out with them to the camps. One must therefore check that the medicines that they are taking will last through their trip. It may happen that the medicine may get wet or damaged due to some reason. It is better to locate a pharmacy near the camping site or at least on the way from where you can buy the medicines for yourself.

One must never go out for camping without carrying with them means of purifying the water. Safe drinking water is extremely important for the people when they are going outdoors for the camping purpose. Having chlorine or iodine with you is very important when you are going for trips like this.

First Aid Kit

First aid kit Many campers go without the first aid kits. They think that they will not get hurt during camping and so they do not need one. However you may get hurt during the trip while preparing food or you may develop a headache. In such situations having the first aid kit near you will be very useful for you. A good first aid kit is therefore very vital for a camper. This will reduce your tension if anyone becomes sick during the camping tour. You will be able to administer medicines and have great fun during the trip. Having a sick camper will otherwise spoil the fun of the other campers in the trip.

Non-essential items like toiletries, games, extra clothing, fishing equipment, flashlights and batteries have to be taken with the campers during their trip. This will help to make their trip successful and fulfilling and they will have a grand time.


Checking the tent is very important before you take it for the camping tour. You may have bought it during the earlier tour and it may have got some holes in it. Therefore you must check for leakage and damage before you actually take the tent out for the camping purpose. This will help you to save yourself from the problems that you otherwise would have felt during the camping trip in remote places. Camping in cold places with leaks in the tent will be very troublesome for you as the camper.

Therefore these are some of the things that must be checked thoroughly by an individual when they are going out for camping during their holidays. This will help you to have a fulfilling and enriching experience with your friends and family.

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